Mars Cafe, Drake neighborhood, Des Moines

If you had to introduce a Martian to the galaxy's best coffee, where would that be? Hint: Mars Coffee.

We bring the galaxy's best coffee game.

Our cafes invite all, from earthlings to outer worldly beings (and everything in between).

You need some space to work on some simulations for your single-person space craft? We have a seat for you. You need to chat about the tolls of space travel on a family? We've got tables. You need to plan interplanetary colonization? Get the F out. 

Our aim is to provide a space for people to come in and talk about moonshot ideas, catch up with family, talk through ways to build our community and to create.

Mars is Des Moines' CRAFT coffee shop

We love good coffee. Every coffee you have should be a good one. We have the best tasting coffee, according to us. We will never compromise on the taste of our coffee. Coffee first!

Mars is a Community coffee shop

What does this mean to us? It means our coffee shops reflect the neighborhoods they are in. Our hiring is reflective of the community, our community. We support our community. We give to our community.

We do not reject anyone based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. We are open to all peace loving Des Moinians. 


People are the priority. We will NEVER sacrifice treating people right. Our customers and employees will always be the priority. Not profits. Not growth.


Craft coffee for ALL the people

What does this mean? We create an accessible and welcoming craft coffee experience. 


High quality specialty coffee

Making craft coffee accessible to everyone in our communities

Creating incredible positive experiences for our customers

Providing a welcoming space to all

Direct community impact