Onyx | Colombia Susana Cortèz Bioinnovation


“This process brings out bright tropical notes which are mixed with a distinct sensation of lactic and tartaric acids and a large, full, velvety body. It is a sensorial experience unlike anything else.” - La Palma Y El Tucan 

Susana Cortèz has been a lifelong producer of coffee, boasting nearly a decade of specialty coffee producing experience, was selected this year to participate in the famous “La Palma y El Tucan” Bioinnovation process program. This exclusive program consists of a unique processing method that limits oxygen to the beans in cherry form for over 100 hours before being depulped and washed with purified water, the final result is a heavy bodied syrupy and distinctly unique cup of coffee. Typically the name La Palma y El Tucan (@lapalmayeltucan) is synonymous with competition roasted coffees, the grounds of this beautiful growing acreage in mountainous Columbia are ripe with some of the most specialized columbian harvests available. With a dedication to innovating the coffee  process, the lots on La Palma y El Tucan contain experimental growing and washing processes that help steer the entire coffee industry into the future. We’re super happy to offer a limited amount of this specially processed Columbia at our Cafe starting May 22nd! 

Cup Notes: Cranberry, Tart Apple, Concord Grape, Baking Spice
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