Like any great tale of celestial exploration, Mars Coffee's story hearkens back to the days of the space race. In this case, our founding Martians were on the search for the galaxy's best coffee. A miscalculation on their part, caused presumably by a lack of caffeine, meant they accidentally missed their approach to the red planet and set their thrusters instead to the Drake neighborhood of Des Moines. They were pleased with their new surroundings so made Dogtown their home and thus became the city's first third wave cafe. Since those heady days of misguided exploration, Mars Coffee has stood by its mission of offering the galaxy's best coffee, in a welcoming space, served every now and then with some space snacks.


Home to the galaxy's best coffee



Large space cafe with great food and espresso options. My cortado was perfect!
Amazingly tasty coffee, quirky and fun environment. Love the local art work and the plants.
For the past 3 years this has been my go to place for coffee, small informal meetings, and friend get togethers. Once you walk in you can see why so many people are drawn to this eclectic and unique coffee shop and cafe. Every drink is made with care and the staff has always gone above and beyond. Also, the local art that is for sale on the wall is a great touch! So this place is a must go in the Drake area!
Coffee was great but I had to spend my time listening to hipsters talk pseudo-intelligently about things they knew nothing about. Nothing worse than skinny jean/ironic t-shirt wearing hipsters with dumb headgear in coffee shops spreading their nonsense around.
Great coffee spot. Great place to meet friends.


2318 University Ave.

Des Moines, Iowa

Earth, 50311

Everyday | 7am - 5pm